The three instructor distinctions in our program are defined as Network, Authorized or Expert.

Network Instructor

Someone who is new to the Program will begin as a Network Instructor. The Network Instructor distinction is designed to introduce the Stack & Tilt® framework in order to start teaching the Stack & Tilt® system. 

Authorized Instructor

The golf professional must first complete all requirements of the Network Stack & Tilt® Instructor distinction and demonstrate an understanding of the Stack & Tilt® System beyond the basic level. Upon full completion of the Network Instructor certification, the golf professional may begin working towards the Authorized Stack & Tilt® instructor distinction. The Authorized program continues to build upon the Network program by adding sophistication to the golf professional’s understanding of the description and the problem solving aspect of the Stack & Tilt® model.

Expert Instructor

This is the highest level of Stack & Tilt® instructor authorization. Upon full completion of the Authorized Instructor certification, the golf professional may begin working towards the Expert Instructor distinction. To get to this point, the golf professional has demonstrated a highly sophisticated understanding of the Stack & Tilt® system and utilizes a variety of different technologies to measure within the system. Stack & Tilt LLC awards this distinction and use of the Expert Stack & Tilt® logo to the golf professionals who are not only expert instructors but also individuals who have proven their commitment to the Stack & Tilt® system and are actively participating in the paradigm shift in how golf is being taught.